Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We're Getting There . . .

I'm back in bandages today after 'the mad scientist' removed that big screw/pin/bolt/thorn (I've come up with so many names for it over the last few months . . .)  from my heel yesterday.  All went well though, even if I am a bit sore today!  We decided to do local anesthesia instead of general, which was a fantastic idea--and it was all my mine, I might add--leaving me able to wake easily and without any of the usual discomforts of anesthesia recovery, like nausea and major fatigue (and nausea, did I mention nausea?).  The only thing I didn't get my way about was walking out of the hospital; the anesthesiologist left my foot completely numb, so I was forced to hop home on the crutches despite my repeated declarations over the last week!

I was first up in the operating room schedule, so after an early rise, I made it home just a few hours later, giving me the comfort of my own bed for a long nap!  Michele was in the city for her own doctor's appointment, so she and her boyfriend came to visit me in the afternoon and to take care of me for a few hours!  They brought me delicious Crumbs and we dished on fantastic Mexican take-out for lunch; I felt so loved!

Even with only five little stitches, I was given strict instructions not to get my foot wet.  But, that was all a wash this morning when I got in the shower.  Even with a plastic bag tied around my foot, I managed to get the dressing not just wet, but completely soaked!  Luckily, I had some gauze and tape here at home, so I quickly slathered Neosporin all over the incision and re-dressed the wound myself.  Now to rethink my shower routine for tomorrow?!