Wednesday, November 17, 2010

But It Still Hurts!

The swelling finally went down last week, but I was still having a bit of pain while walking.  I couldn't take much more of it, so I went to see my good friend Dr. W last week to get his opinion on the subject.  Luckily, after that whole stress fracture debacle in September and not believing me when I said I was in pain, he now listens to me every time I shout "Ouch!".

After touching several points on the top of the foot, the ankle, and finally the outside, I screamed and jumped off the exam table. . .

"OK, I know what this is," Dr. W calmly said.

"Well, that's good.  What do we do now?" I responded.

Apparently, scar tissue has built up and is pinching the nerve on the outside of my ankle.  He suggested two alternatives--try to numb the nerve with a cortisone shot or perform "another surgery . . ." to remove it altogether.  Yeah, I thought we should try the shot first.  It took a full week to make a difference, but I am finally feeling like myself again!