Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CMT Awareness Week

CMT Awareness Week is under full swing . . . and, in an effort to shed more positive light on those living with it and to educate those who are living without it, the CMTA asked for members to submit their photos and stories.  That's me in the middle.  And, a few of my friends have also shared their story, including Lenka, Milena and Michele!  You can also hear Michele's story that she shared with Lenka this week in celebration of CMT Awareness Week at Lenka's podcast.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

Just when I was starting to feel really good and I thought things were moving smoothly, I was thrown back in the boot this month when that "unshakable pain and swelling" returned just a few days after we removed the stitches from the screw removal on August 3rd.

Unfortunately, 'the mad scientist' decided to take a three week vacation during the midst of it all, so I wasn't able to reach him until after Labor Day to finally get an MRI ordered . . . I kept telling him that I was in pain and that putting weight on the foot hurt way too much to be nothing to worry about, but my complaints fell on deaf ears considering he wasn't in the country to look at (or even think about) it!  Well, we finally confirmed today that all that pain wasn't a figment of my imagination!

Believe it or not, I've got a stress fracture across my 2nd and 3rd metatarsals (um yeah, you're reading this correctly; it's indeed the same foot).  And surprisingly, I couldn't be more relieved.  While I am definitely disappointed that I am now going to have just one more hill to climb and yet another ailment to heal from, I am relieved that this new one isn't something much more serious that requires further surgery. . .  and, I am also disappointed that the pending surgery for my right foot will now have to be postponed until the left foot can heal and eventually support by body weight, but I am truly trying to see this delay as an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson and to open myself up to the possibilities.

Viva la boot!