Monday, December 27, 2010

Can You Tell They're Fake?

Although the footsies have been feeling generally good the last few weeks, a new obstruction along the pursuit of pretty shoes has presented itself recently.  The padding on the balls of my feet seem to have broken down, making it painful to wear any type of hard-soled shoes and leaving me with the dread of walking long distances without my cushy sneakers?!

The 'mad scientist' did say with a bit of concern, "well, I am definitely feeling bone where I shouldn't be", but we couldn't arrive at a decision as to how to resolve the issue.  So, I visited my podiatrist while I was in So-Cal for the holidays and he suggested a few solutions like silicon implants, collagen injections, or padding inserts.  I guess years from now when all the surgeries are done and I can finally show off my pretty shoes, I can make two jokes:

"Well, I had my cankles surgically added." and "Can you tell they're fake?"