Saturday, May 7, 2011

Always Disappointment, Never Contentment (well, a little. . .)

So, Thursday I visited 'the mad scientist' for my 11 week post-op check-up.  I had been feeling so good the past two weeks that I came braced to win him over with my "I'm gonna walk outta here in sneakers" argument.  Before he even entered the room, I had unpacked my shoes and put them on the floor beside my bare foot as a visual reminder; I was prepared!

Luckily over the nearly two years that I have been Dr. W's patient, I've been able to train him on how and when he should listen to my pleas, so it didn't take too much case-making on my part.  However, even as late as a year into our relationship (and yes, I call it a relationship because we really act more like an old married couple now than we do a doctor and patient), he would still peer over his clipboard with his all-knowing arrogance (even he won't deny he is arrogant) and tell me how he knew best and how I should only follow his instructions.  We've come a long way since then. . .

So to celebrate the "balancing act of expressing all the excitement of walking with not overdoing it" and the wedding I am attending in two weeks, I decided to attempt a "pretty shoe" shopping excursion today; a first in a long time.  I had my morning perfectly planned!  I rose early, knowing that I needed to try on shoes early in the day to avoid major swelling (or else there was no hope of even getting them on) and of course the large crowds at the store.  Needless to say, my plan was foiled on both accounts.  It only took a matter of minutes for the right ankle to become the size of a grapefruit while I stood in the kitchen making my pancake breakfast.  I did manage to constrict the swelling a bit with an ace bandage, but by the time I had eaten, showered, and dressed, it was nearly 12pm and I was running late!

I arrived at DSW shortly after noon and the store was swelling with springtime shoppers.  Today was the first day of really good weather this season so everyone was out (everyone, their babies, their dogs, and their cousins, that is).  I strolled the sandal aisle dodging fellow shoppers here and there in the hopes of finding an open-toed beauty that would both match my brightly colored dress and also have enough room for my larger than life foot and tightly wound ace bandage.

After a few attempts, I quickly figured out that my only viable choice was a glittery pair of thongs.   And, I wasn't prepared for one minute to pay more than $40 for a pair of thongs!  So, after shoe style reductions and price restrictions accounted for (making a choice truly is easier when your selections are narrowed down for you, wouldn't you agree?), I had found two pair that I could actually fit my foot into and that seemed to be a match for my dress.  I took the boxes and walked over to the register line.  Unfortunately, I had to keep walking and walking (well, limping and limping) because it appeared that the line was now wrapping around the entire store!  Knowing there was no way that I could stand in that line long enough to pay for my purchase, I had no choice but to leave without anything in my hands . . .

Reluctantly, the pursuit continues . . .


Michele said...

Awww that sux....I really hoped the story would have a happy ending....well the weather is really looking up and I hope ull have a chance to go back soon to buy the shoes...and hopefully wit less swelling :-)

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